Dealing with Food Security

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report states that; about 4.4 million people are projected to face high levels of acute food insecurity. In the projected period of October to December, the estimates might go higher if no immediate action is taken to curb the effects of drought.

During the President William Ruto’s Mashujaa day address, “We must take very bold steps to end the perpetual cycle of hunger and dependency on rain fed agriculture. We must eradicate hunger in our country in the shortest time possible.”

In the next five years the government is set to construct 100 dams. To upscale land under irrigation and alleviate water scarcity in arid and semi-arid areas. The dams will be constructed through the public-private partnership due to cost overlays.

In the short term we will continue with the fertiliser importation program. But in the median term the government plans to have fertilisers manufactured in partnership with EAC countries in our region,” the president went on to state.

The government also plans to increase funding to the agriculture sector to promote resilience against climate variability and change.


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