Championing for the Environment through Faith

Action against Hunger states that there are, as many as 829 million people worldwide, who go to bed hungry each night. Christianity boasts of over 2.382 billion people approximately 31.11% of the global population; to become the leading religion across the world. Then, should the solution to address societal issues lie on the faithful’s, Right?

The Laudato Si Movement (LSM) united by the Catholic faith, which was founded in 2015 is stepping up to address these issues. Founded on the moral imperative of responding to and raising awareness about climate change. The global movement in partnership with the environmental organizations held the annual inter-faith youth forum on environment and peace at the Catholic University of East Africa. The climate champions were appealing to the youth to spread climate conservation and transformation gospel.

While speaking at the forum held on Sunday, October 16, Lang’ata Member of Parliament Felix Odiwuor (Jalango) promised to plant 100, 000 tress within the next one year. The area member of Parliament further stated that there will be a clean-up in Lang’ata every first weekend of every month during his tenure.

“The Faith community is an important player in driving this conversational shift and we are ready to lead this from the front,” Hon. Felix Odiwuor.

During the event, the Laudato Si Movement (LSM) premiered a climate change movie called THE LETTER featuring Pope Francis appealing to the youth through faith to adopt mitigation measures against the climate crisis. The movie which was filmed for six years premiered at the Vatican on the 4th of October showcasing, the power humanity has to stop climate change.


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