Bonding with your child as a career woman

It’s hard enough to be away from your children because of work Monday to Friday, but it is even harder to juggle enough time to get to know them amid the busyness called life. Different cultures and countries have varied pressure when it comes to being a career woman.

In Kenya, when asked about how a child changes a woman’s, life Diana Rochugo, Public Health, and Social programs expert and a working mum says “To some extent, it is demanding. Like in your pregnancy, it reaches a point, if you are in a team that travels, you’re not able to do long-distance travel. From that time, till your child is at the age of one you lose like one and half years. Transitioning from that high-speed life into this other one where there’s a mouth that depends on you is a challenge. It may seem that you have lost time, but you have just taken on a new ball, that you are now learning how to juggle.”

There are so many perceptions of working as a mum, but what can help is knowing that every situation is unique, and at the end of the day it is about doing what works for you.

Mimi Sigilai, Digital Currency Expert and mother of one says what helps is prioritizing, she says “Children are creatures of routine, so my son is on a routine. It helps so that I’m not worried about what is happening with him, even when I’m away. I also intentionally say enough of work it’s time to actually bond with my son or enough bonding and now it’s time to work. Another thing is stepping aside from a lot of the chaos around you.”

A big word that I hear is ‘Intentionality’ like many things in life if you are intentional about motherhood then you can experience results in terms of less pressure and order.

Diana adds, “You have to be intentional and one way of being intentional is creating a routine.”

Find ways that work for you and your kind of work and lifestyle, and fit in your desire for the kind of relationship you would want for your child. It’s all in your hands, just take it a day at a time.


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