2022 School Calendar: 4 terms

Schools are expected to close down for the 3rd term break , by 4th march 2022. The directive given by the Ministry of Education is to ensure candidates have a peaceful environment as they sit for their national exams.

The direction is also in line with this year’s school calendar; which has 4 terms. The 8 months closure of schools due to the pandemic in 2020 created a shift in the schools calendar and structure of education institutions. Over the last two years the ministry has made and implemented guidelines and structures that will see the school calendar go back its normal three terms by 2023.The additional extra term this year is to aid the actualization of the plan in motion.

For parents it’s a bitter sweet moment as they have to dig deeper into their pockets to finance the four terms. Will the actualization of this calendar guarantee the students and pupils comprehend their respective syllabuses?


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