Truth be told:  The trade my hunger your manifesto


According to data the average person touches their phone 96 times a day. Let’s zoom in a bit, that’s at least once every 10 minutes. For the “woke” generation the number should be higher surely high. The average urbanized individual social media is the first stop. What’s happening? What’s trending? Important questions that brought light to conversations that needed to be discussed,#lowerfoodprices. In essence we are already assured in one way or another we will be able to access a meal. Even if it’s just one single meal. This a bubble most of live in believing all Kenyans have access to such amenities.

One thing that seems not to trend is drought in the country. Where some reports state that close to 3 million Kenyans are in state of destitution. The dream and longing for water or a mere biting may be just their little piece of heaven. However we are blind, the only vision we seem to have is the August election. Why aren’t these politicians highlighting the severe state of starvation their country are going through? Does this mean their voter is lesser than ours who are in towns?

The question is not about what you can do as an individual is what the government can do for its people. We give them power to serve us not for us to fear for our livelihoods or future. Hunger is a reality in this nation, but all we hearing are “sweet promises.” The implementation will turn them into policies but in our set up as people they remain promises.

“The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the needs of the governed, not the governors,” Thomas Jefferson. Make them accountable, I am sure you can do is make noise, make hunger trend. The power is in your hands how will you use it? Don’t wait for the death statistics to speak.


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