Tonight’s Movie on Family TV: Facing the Giants

I feel like there are giants of fear and failure staring down on me.” What can you do when everything seems to be against you? All your efforts are fruitless? Amidst your doubts and your challenges, you have to inspire and coach a football team.

“What’s the purpose of this team? To win games. Winning football games is too small of a thing to live for. We are not just here to make glory, money, and die. I am here to present the team with a new philosophy, we must give God our best in every area”

The movie walks us through the life of Coach Taylor his failures and shortcomings as a coach. As well as the pain caused by the struggles of not conceiving in his marriage. The movie lives you with a smile as we see triumph through Faith and actions. That’s tonight on Family TV at 10 PM.

“If we win we praise him, if we lose we praise him”


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