Today in History: Birth Control

There are more than enough birth control options and pills available in the market. With new research focusing on launching the first ever male contraceptive pill, broadening further the array of options. Do we know the genesis of the pill? The origin of the first pill tickles down 62 years ago today. On the 9th of May 1960 the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration approved the world’s first commercially produced pill Enovid-10.

“Development of “the pill,” as it became popularly known, was initially commissioned by birth-control pioneer Margaret Sanger and funded by heiress Katherine McCormick. Sanger, who opened the first birth-control clinic in the United States in 1916, hoped to encourage the development of a more practical and effective alternative to contraceptives that were in use at the time,”

History never lies now that’s a fun fact to share!


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