Mother’s Day: Embracing the ‘Gift of Life’ Through Adoption

Article by: Stephen Billy

This year will be the first Mother’s Day I celebrate my wife for being the strong and wonderful mother she is to our 4-month-old son, our first child. I will shower her in love and give her a card with a little baby handprint smudged on it. I will partake in all of the wonderfully mushy Mother’s Day traditions because we have waited so long to have this celebration. But she will not be the only mother in my prayers.

We are parents to a beautiful boy – whose heart began beating at 6-weeks old in the womb and who could feel pain as early as 12-weeks – because of his courageous birth mother.

It’s because of her strength and her courage that we became parents through adoption. It’s because she didn’t succumb to our modern culture’s narrative that abortion is the easy solution to a difficult situation that I can write this while our baby sleeps on my chest.

To be sure, the process of adoption is not easy. Nor is it free of emotional challenges – for the birth mother or the adoptive parents. On Mother’s Day, the scene of my son’s birth mother hugging him in the NICU, crying, and saying goodbye after she was discharged from the hospital will be playing on repeat in my mind. I was in awe of her that day and have been each day since.

Today there are between one and two million couples seeking to adopt, which by best estimates means nearly 40 couples waiting for each child placed for adoption. And yet as a country, we fail to discuss adoption as the viable alternative to abortion that it truly is. We fail to embrace how modern adoption as it is today can bring fulfillment to both birth parents and adoptive parents through the gift of life. In this failing, we give room for the darkness of abortion to seep more deeply into our culture. We allow the “solution” of taking an unborn child’s life to be perpetuated because we have not championed the life-affirming choice of adoption.

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