“The church needs wisdom on how to articulate political matters.” Says Bishop Emeritus David Oginde

Over 1,000 delegates across the 47 counties comprising the Heads of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) member churches and organizations, EAK County Leaders, and other critical Christian leaders and partners are today gathering at the Nairobi Baptist Church, along Ngong Road, as they deliberate on “The Kenya We Want.” 

Speaking during the National Convention, Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) Bishop Emeritus and the EAK Chairperson Rev. David Oginde said in a democratic setting, the church needs wisdom on how to articulate political matters.

“We are in a democracy and God operates within a democracy. We need wisdom in a democratic setting.’- Bishop Emeritus David Oginde

Bishop Oginde challenged the faith community to commit to pray for their local leaders and encourage them because God has called the Church to guide the leaders through a journey that will initiate the transformation of the country.

”There is a place for Samuel in the nation; a man who listens to God and walks with leaders; helps the leaders to do the right thing.” Bishop Oginde, adding that ”There is also space for Saul, David, Josiah and Hezekiah in the country. If God has called you to that ministry, arise and go forth in boldness.” He said.

The Kenya We Want” agenda by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya aims at taking stock of the State of the Nation in view of the imminent elections on August 9th 2022.

”The commitment to do things right, commitment to ethics and morality, commitment to integrity. These are the qualities we require from our leaders, and once we deal with the sin of wickedness and corruption, then everything will fall into place.” Bishop David Oginde.

The Church now needs the commitment of the leaders to do things right calling on everyone to unite against electoral violence and build a country where each and everyone has a conscience. The leaders will later present their hopes and concerns of the Kenyan citizens to the aspiring presidential candidates.
With the Church mobilizing the body of Christ in Kenya to influence the election agenda under the theme: “The Kenya We Want” you can join in on the conversation and share your comments and views on: What Kenya don’t you want? 


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