The Blind Eye

A sudden rush of anger, bursts from within every time I see them. I was never this person, they forced me to be like this. I proudly once said, “Their role is to maintain traffic safety and efficiency on the roads. We should oblige to the law and let them do their work.” The thoughts haunt me as I laugh, in an ideal society that’s one of the roles of Traffic police officers. But in my reality that’s far from the truth; every early morning these officers stop busses or matatus while they are a couple of meters from their respective stages. They board them and we all know they aren’t sharing the word when the passengers alight.

The routine is so repetitive that even the matatu crew have their own favourites, these “normal” is instantaneously becoming the foundation of this society. The officers became blind, they forget their civil duty to ensure traffic laws are followed and to ensure the vehicles are in good working condition.

Well, you are not any good either; you keep quiet, you rush out of the vehicle when it comes to a halt. Yet every Sunday we fill up various churches in harmonious, beautiful tones and tunes to worship. Breathe in, don’t be angry that you have been called out. In Genesis chapter 6 verse 12, “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” We may have turned the spotlight on the public service vehicles operators, but dear private car owners some of you are in the same rot.

Well, not everyone mentioned is guilty but being associated to someone who commits a crime is equally incriminating. That’s the irony of collective responsibility. I am not oblivious to the things that are slow becoming our norm, but how can we proudly stand up as a society and say we are Christians or principled?


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