The 971 million question: Presidential hopeful Kigame’s Limbo Continues

The Court of Appeal has suspended the implementation of the High Court order that ordered the IEBC to include Reuben Kigame on the presidential ballot in the forthcoming general elections. After a short-lived celebration of his clearance by the High Court ruling, the presidential hopeful Reuben Kigame’s fate still lies in limbo, 18 days to the August 9th polls.

The decision by the High court would have mandated the electoral commission to include Mr. Kigame in the presidential race, a move the IEBC was against citing various legal and practical reasons, “The Constitution sets stringent timelines for the conduct of presidential elections. The range of steps and processes required to give effect to the Judgment may severely jeopardize the holding of presidential elections on 9th August 2022, being only 19 days from today,” read part of the IEBC press release.

Part of the other reasons listed was, “The reprinting, repackaging and eventual rebooking and rescheduling of flights to deliver the pallets to the central warehouse which the printer confirms will not be possible in time for the general elections slated for the 9th of August, 2022. The cost of printing new ballot papers and rescheduling freight is not less than eight (8) million euros (approximately Kshs. 971 million). This amount is not in the Commission’s election budget.”

In response to today’s ruling by the Court of Appeal, Mr. Kigame took to his Twitter account, “I have done my best to be patient and respectful to our government, IEBC, and Chebukati as my returning officer for the Presidential Election, but I am not sure I deserve what this country is doing to me! How can they appeal against Monday’s court ruling? Where is my DIGNITY?”


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