Status of Cohesion and Political Decency

Uwiano Platform for Peace held a press conference today the 5th of August 2022 to give the, “Status of Cohesion and Political Decency” in the country ahead of the general elections. The platform was created to engage Kenyans to share their thoughts and voice on matters peace building. The conference which brought together the UN special envoy for Horn of Africa, NCIC and other Uwiano principals discussed the state of preparedness for the 9 August polls.

In presenting the joint statement of Uwiano, Peter Thuku who is the Secretary of Peacebuilding and Disaster Response; laid the foundation of the outcome of the annulment of the presidential results of the 2017 polls which led to some division in the country and posed a challenge to Kenya’s social cohesion.

Uwiano Platform for Peace maintains a tab on and issues regular alerts that identify and counter hate speech while collaborating with social media platforms to develop strategies that effectively de-escalate hate speech and incitement,” he stated.

Bruno Shioso the director of corporate communication, National Police Service (NPS), reminded Kenyans of the great partnership between police officers and civilians in maintaining and promoting peace and cooperation. He went on to advise Kenyans not to fear but to confidently play their role in the elections and leave everything else to the agencies charged with security to do their part.

It was also announced that the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) will be commencing a countrywide general election monitoring exercise in the period between 5th to 12th August.

Since elections are now just 4 days away, we as peace actors would like to further recommend the peace actors and Kenyans to intensify vigilance and be ready to report any threats to peace in their communities. Remember you can send a text to the toll-free. Number 108,“Dr. Samuel Kobia chairman of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC).



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