Robbed in Church

The sense of community, peace, safety and joy enters the hearts of most Christians every time they walk into a church. Believing that everyone amongst them has one agenda to worship and share the gospel. However this is not always the case, an elderly church goer became a victim of theft after another, “congregant” joined hands with her to pray in the sanctuary. The “congregant’s” partner seized the opportunity to steal from the elderly worshiper.

Pastor Larry Robertson the residing pastor at the Hilldale Baptist church; where the incident occurred, shared the incidents with his congregants to both caution and speak against the incident. “I want to pray that the Lord will awaken something in these young ladies and realize the error of their ways and ultimately, come to Christ,” he said.  “The reality is there’s not much the police can do at this point. We want to pray for those individuals, especially Ms. Linda. People know that Christians are kind and trusting and the devil knows it too,” Pastor Larry Robertson. The police department has shared the photos of the ladies online as they continue to investigate the matter.


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