Robbed a Celebration

For most boys in the country they look forward to more than just seating for the National Primary Exams (KCPE). In this season, it’s a common phenomenon to see multiple posters and signs advertising the prices and services offered in various circumcision facilities.  Immediately after the exams, the boys phase into being men through the initiation process. Each community has its beliefs, practices and procedures when it comes to the process.

A family in Molo has been robbed the opportunity to celebrated their keens, Joseph Kinyanjui’s transition. The family calls out for investigation into the death of their son which the claim happened under “mysterious circumstances.”

The pill is bitter to swallow as the family had not seen their son. This is in accordance to the Agikuyu traditions where the male, is secluded from his family and more so women, to enable them to heal in private. Joseph fell ill while recovering at home, he passed a few hours after being rushed to hospital.


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