Revival: What REALLY Happened at Kasarani?

Article by: Charles Opiyo - Futurist and Transformational Speaker.

First and foremost we must fully acknowledge that it may have begun with men but it then took on Divine and Supernatural proportions.

Most people are describing it as a “REVIVAL”.

To begin with, incidentally, the term Revival is only found in the Old Testament and NOT in the New Testament.

That is not to disagree with what it is being described as but basically to point out that we as humans need to describe things that are supernatural to give them a human context.

The only challenge with that is that sometimes we may then restrict the fullness of what God is doing in our midst.

The term REVIVAL is basically the noun form of the verb “revive,” a derivation of the Latin revivere, meaning “to live again” or “to return or to restore to consciousness or life.”

In that context, it means that what happened was basically that we had an awakening or quickening of God’s people to their true nature and purpose.”

Did that happen?


Has it happened before?

Definitely! (multiple times)

Is it enough?

Sadly No! (Otherwise, we would not be needing another one)

But is that ALL that happened?

Definitely NOT, in fact, A LOT MORE HAPPENED!

This is my Prophetic input on what I believe transpired at Kasarani:

Rev. Julian Kyula, an Apostolic figure, with a very specific Grace Gift of a “Barnabas”, functioning in the fullness of His Gift, acted as a bridge between “Spiritual Generations”, much like the New Testament Barnabas, was instrumental in connecting Paul and the Apostles and later in activating John Mark (Author of the Gospel of Mark) after even Paul had given up on him.

With the unique combination of “Generational Graces” brought together in a “Hebron Moment”, the culmination of Kenyan Church history came to an important point, the HONORING of those who went ahead, and the acknowledging of those who are emerging.

We had the unique experience of witnessing a “Sunset & Sunrise” at the very same moment, we witnessed what is known as “A Manifestation Point of a Prophetic Spectrum”.


We witnessed THREE “R”s come into manifestation:

  1. REVIVAL:  As stated earlier we had an awakening or quickening of God’s people to their true nature and purpose.

This will be followed by a REFORMATION.

  1. REFORMATION: This is the religious, political, intellectual, and cultural upheaval that causes lasting change without which a REVIVAL dies out very quickly.

It also means making changes to something with the intention of setting it back on the right path.

This is when even good practices and concepts may have worked in the past but are now irrelevant to the demands of heaven in the times that we live in.

  1. REVOLUTION: This is the result of the boldness that brings sudden, radical, and complete change.

Therefore whatever we have witnessed has the ingredients of all three even though we may have referred to only one.

So it is true, as many have prophesied, change is coming to Kenya.

If we attempt to apply “Sunset” Tools in a “Sunrise Moment”, and/or if we attempt to “Control” what God is doing, and/or if we ignore or oppose the 2 remaining “R’s”, this move will be stunted and we will have to wait for another “REVIVAL”.

The Prophetic destiny of this Nation has been reborn, may we “Nurture it with Wisdom” and may Kenya never miss HER VISITATION.

Join Futurist Charles Opiyo for a Part 2 article on Sunday.


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