Report on CS vetting expected to be tabled in Parliament

Having concluded the cabinet nominees vetting process on October 23, the National Assembly Committee on Appointments now has less than 14 days to draft and table its report before the Assembly for debate and approval.

The 15 member committee led by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon.Moses Wetang’ula have retreated to Mombasa to draft a report to be debated, considered and voted on in the Assembly as required by the Public Appointments Parliamentary Approval Act of 2011.

“Unless otherwise provided in any law, a Committee shall consider a
nomination and table its report in the relevant House for debate and decision
within fourteen days from the date on which the notification of nomination was
given in accordance with section 5.

The Act further states;

“At the conclusion of an approval hearing, the Committee shall prepare its
report on the suitability of the candidate to be appointed to the office to which the candidate has been nominated, and shall include in the report, such
recommendations as the Committee may consider necessary.” Section 8;
Public Appointments (Parliamentary Approval) Act of 2011.

If approved, the report will then be presented to the President for appointment and swearing in of the new cabinet members which shall include 22 individuals as Cabinet Secretaries, one as Prime Cabinet Secretary, and one as Secretary to the cabinet.



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