“Promote Transparency and Credibility in Electoral Period.” NCCK Tells the Government

National Council of Churches of Kenya has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to safeguard, assure and guarantee credible elections and peaceful transition as the country prepares to handle the August 9 poll.
Addressing the press, the Secretary General Rev. Canon Chris Kinyanjui has also called on the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to make adequate preparations, and coordinate with the state and non-state actors, so as to secure the General Elections.
He has led the church leaders in asking the government to assure that scenes witnessed during past by-elections where electoral officials were harassed and assaulted in the presence of police officers will not be repeated.
“We call upon the National Assembly and the Senate to withdraw the Elections Laws (Amendment) Bill 2022 and any other elections related laws to create space for adequate public participation in a less tense environment after the polls. Radical changes to the law governing elections so close to the polls undermines free and fair elections.” The Statement read.

The National Council of Churches has also called on the government to take necessary measures to lower taxation and make the business environment friendly for all.

“The people of Kenya are deeply suffering from the spiraling cost of living. The prices of consumer goods and services have skyrocketed, while taxation is more than most citizens can bear. This is happening in a context where the cost of doing business is very high, leading to low profits and reduced job creation. The result of this is low economic capacity at the family level despite the announced growth of the national economy.” NCCK General Secretary, Rev. Canon Chris Kinyanjui.



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