Principles of Stewardship: The Principle of Multiplication

Matthew 25:16-18
16 Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents. 17 And likewise he who had received two gained two more also. 18 But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lord’s money.
Right from the Garden of Eden, God’s expectation is for man to multiply what God has placed under his oversight. The master did not tell the servants what to do with the talents he had left under their care but when he came back, he expected a return on his investment. Think about this, the servant who was given one talent returned it to his master but the master called him a wicked and lazy servant. The least he could have done is keep the master’s money in the bank and it would have earned an interest. When we refuse to use and multiply that which the Lord has given us, that’s wickedness.
Each servant was given according to their ability but their hard work and taking responsibility over what they had been given determined the increase or the demotion of their capacity. The wicked and lazy servant began with the capacity of one talent which is worth a years wages lest we think it was small, but by the end of the matter, even the one that he had been given was taken away from him.
Instead of complaining of the little that God has given us, we should put it to work because when we do then we multiply it and increase our capacity.
Think about this;
It was a very bad year and a farmer had most of his crop destroyed because there was too much rain. As he was walking through his farm assessing his losses, he came across a most unusual soybean plant. He was shocked by its size, so he went and carefully picked off the pods. From these, he collected 503 soybeans.
He took them and kept them in a safe place as he awaited the next planting season. Soon it was time to plant again, so he took the 503 seeds and planted them in a little plot of land right behind his house.
When the harvest season came, he harvested 16 kilos of soybeans. 16 kilos!
He did not eat them but repeated the process once again, this time planting them on a 1-acre piece of land.
When harvest time came, he harvested 1200 kilos of soybeans, and still, he did not feed on them but repeated the process one more time this time planting them over all the land he owned.
The harvest season was back again and this time he cashed in on what he harvested giving him close to a cool 1 million shillings, all this from one soy plant.
He could have complained and seen no worth with that one soy plant but he did not. He took it and put in the work and patience and it multiplied over and over again.
What are you multiplying in your life, is it the good stuff or the bad stuff?
What is one good thing that was just a small seed in your life but you have worked on it and multiplied it over and over?
God gives us seed and time and he expects us to go to work. What are some seeds in your life that you have hidden like the third servant? What are you going to do about them?


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