Principles of Stewardship: The Principle of Accountability

Matthew 25:19
19 “Now after a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them.
Stewardship demands accountability. When someone leaves their resources in your care, when they come back they expect you to give an account of what you did with what they left under your care. The master in this parable left his talents with his servants each according to their ability. To one 5 to another 2 and yet to another 1. All the servants had the understanding that when the master returned, they would be expected to giva an account of what they did with the talents. It is also important to note that the master did not tell them how long he would be gone but they all had the understanding that he would be back.
People today talk about “My life, my body, my choices!” We forget that everything we have belongs to God and he will hold us to give an account of what we did with what he left under our care.
As believers we have the assurance that we will be with our God in heaven and that is true because salvation is by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. What we sometimes forget is that we will be judged and expected to give an account of what we did with what God gave us. We will be rewarded according to our works.
The servant who was given one talent was in for a rude shock when he returned what had been left under his care. He thought it would be bussiness as usual but it was not. He had not taken responsibility over what was given to him, instead of using what he had been given and multiplying it, he hid it.
The master has a certain standard upon which we will be held to account. What he is after is fruitfulness, the Bible says he is looking for much fruit.
May this be a reminder that we own nothing, what we have we have been given to us and there are expectations placed on each one to use what we have have for Gods glorification and the betterment of his creation. It is in so doing that we multiply what we have been given. A day is coming when each one of us will be held to account. May we hear him say, well done good and faithful servant.
What emotions does the word accountability evoke in you? Why
The Bible says that we will give an account for every idle word we have spoken. Do you measure your words before you speak?
How would you fare if you were to give an account today of what you have done with what God has given you?


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