President Uhuru: Promises smooth transition

The outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta who has remained silent over his deputy’s win in August 9 presidential election, has spoken up to say there will be a smooth transition of power.

Speaking on Monday after the Supreme Court upheld the elections of president-elect William Ruto, the outgoing President assured the public that the preparations for a transition of power already begun through the Assumption of Office Committee as his 10-year tenure enters the homestretch.

“When I was sown in as your president, I made a pledge to the country,  a pledge to uphold the rule of law and the decisions made by the judiciary on all matters a pertaining to our governance. Today, the supreme court made a ruling on the presidential dispute upholding the results announced by the IEBC on the 15th August 2022, and in keeping to the pledge that I made to uphold the rule of law when I took the oath of office, I commit to executing the orders of this court to the latter. ”

The president asked Kenyans to scrutinize the institutions involved in the election process by testing their truth as presented by the Constitution.

“…and because democracy is a work in progress, I urge the country to respect the institutions that midwife our new leaders, and in doing so, I also urge citizens to constantly put them under scrutiny for this is the civic duty of every single Kenyan.”

The out-going president also urged the citizens to cross-question whether the institutions can rule one way in one election and another way in another election without scrutiny that is acceptable to our democratic ethos.

“We must ask ourselves, is it about numbers or the process? Which of these two is it?” I urge you Kenyans to keep vigil and hold every institution to account.”

The president also thanked Kenyans and various political parties for holding a peaceful elections. He ended by thanking God and Kenyans for giving him an opportunity to serve.




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