Polish Church Turns into Refugee Center with Help of Operation Blessing

Article by: Wendy Griffith

More than 4.5 million Ukrainians have now fled the assault on their country. While one neighbouring country tries to take these Ukranians’ homeland by force, their western neighbour is opening its arms to those escaping the terror.

Poland has taken in more than half of those refugees as towns along the border are still opening their arms to help. Here in the border town of Przemysl, refugees are finding comfort and shelter in the local church.

Since the war began roughly six weeks ago, Pastor Czeseaw Kusmider of the Nazaret Church has seen hundreds of refugees pass through his doors. “We weren’t prepared, it was overwhelming… but I believe that God prepared us anyway, and we see the big need so we responded to the need,” Kusmider told CBN News.

Several areas, including the main sanctuary, now serve as bedrooms for displaced families. A spacious kitchen equipped with a cappuccino maker provides refugees like Ania and her 12-year-old daughter, a small reminder of home.

“We have hot water, we have separate rooms, we have bedrooms. People are very nice,” she said.

Ania and her daughter left eastern Ukraine three weeks ago at the urging of her husband who stayed behind to fight. They’re living here until they get their visas to England.

“We got tired of sleeping in our clothes and wondering if the bombs were going to hit us,” she said.

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SourceCBN News


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