Pakistan court sentences Christian man to death for blasphemy

Article by Tola Mbakwe -Christian Premier News

A court in Pakistan has sentenced a Christian man to death following a blasphemy allegation.

Ashfaq Masih was accused of committing blasphemy for saying that Jesus Christ is the only true prophet in June 2017.

Masih pleaded not guilty in court and said the accusation stems from a dispute with a rival business owner.

He said: “I am innocent, the case against me is baseless, false and frivolous and framed against me just to destroy my business. My business was running well, and I was very happy but Muhammad Naveed who is also a motorcycle mechanic and had started a shop in front of me and was jealous because my business was doing well and had a good reputation in the area. We had already fought a few days before the incident. And he had threatened me with dire consequences.

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