Not Observing Lent Empties Christianity of “authentic power, identity”: Nigerian Bishop

Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyse Badejo of Nigeria’s Oyo Diocese has urged Christians to observe Lent, saying failure to take part in the 40-day period characterized by prayer, fasting, and almsgiving undermines the “authentic power and identity” of Christianity.

In his reflection as Christians around the world start this year’s Lenten Season, Bishop Badejo says the observance of Lent “speaks to the relationship between Jesus Christ and Christians which should really be of friendship and authentic love.”

“If we celebrate only Christ’s glory and victory, how can we participate in his mission and salvation?” Bishop Badejo posed.

He says, “Our world is not yet perfect, so the friends of Jesus need to constantly make themselves better and partake in his mission of making the world a better place for the conversion of sinners and saving souls.”

Lent, the annually Christian 40-day fasting season, begins on Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter Sunday, April 17. It is a time when Christians reflect following the example of Jesus, who fasted for forty days in the wilderness. People also give to charity, set aside time to study the bible and meet with other Christians to reflect on Jesus’ life and prepare for the events of Holy Week and Easter.

The National Council of Kenya (NCCK) has equally wished all Christians a blessed and prayerful Lent.

”May the season of Lent strengthen your faith and hope.” General Secretary, NCCK.


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