Movie review: Father Stu

This is a movie based on a true story; that takes us through the life of Stuart Long, born in the 1960s in Seattle Washington. While in college he develops a strong passion for boxing. However, his boxing amateur career comes to an unexpected end after Stuart gets injured. Picking up the pieces, he moves to Los Angeles to find money and fame.

He puts his bad boy charms to the test, when he meets a Sunday school teacher in the supermarket. Carmen seems immune to his charismatic charm and Stuarts gets motivated to pursue her till she falls over for him. These pursuits takes him to church where he gets baptised. A motorcycle accident changes his perceptions on life and he embarks on a journey to serve and help others as a Catholic priest. A move that startles and worries the people closest to him. There are more twists and turns that shake the life of Stuart Long.


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