Mommy, I want to Be Beautiful!!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, with each continent and country having its measure of beauty standards. As much as we appreciate individuality as a society, there has been a lot of pressure posed on women specifically to have “flawless skin”, proper figure and physique, etc. To attain these superficial standards some women swear by makeup. Where they live, breath, and sleep with make-up on; to avoid disappointing their significant other or to be “beautiful.” The lack of self-love and appreciation for bare skin has been somewhat of a toxic trait.

These superficial standards have transitioned to children. It’s not uncommon to hear girls younger than 13 begging their parents to make them beautiful by using “makeup.” Some parents participated in a survey on children and make up; “That’s the last thing I can do to my child. Kids have cute faces, so why add them some funny stuff, plus let them grow up and make their own choices, whether to apply it or not,” Maggie Entrepreneur.

“They have healthy skin that doesn’t need to be tampered with. The makeup industry is HUGE and I’m sure having kids prefer make-up would be such a big marketing hit but really, what’s the narrative that we’re pushing out? A child’s mindset is so easily malleable so if you tell them they look so beautiful with makeup, they’ll always link beauty to makeup. Nimekataaa kabisaa! Aaiii, let kids love themselves and let’s take care of their skin by not “caking” it with makeup!,” Emma N.

For a majority of parents, they question the motive behind the makeup. “With every generation, there is a trend or something new. So, if a kid is born into something I would want them to explore that. Kids with makeup from what angle? Is it from a point of insecurity or are they hiding something on their face and how did they interact with this makeup? Is it a form of art, or exploration like Halloween? If it’s art, it’s okay but if it is from  an insecure point, Let the kids be taught how to appreciate and accept who they are because they are beautiful, then use makeup to play around!” Powell Spoken word artist,”

Parenting has no rule book or guide, it’s every parent’s responsibility to bring up the best version of the child they want. But reassure your children, because if you won’t the world doesn’t care!


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