Message of Hope: Thank you Kenyans for Voting Peacefully

The National Council of Churches (NCCK) issued a statement of thanksgiving to all Kenyans. “We, the religious leaders, take this moment to deeply thank all Kenyans for heeding our call and voting peacefully during the polls held today August 9, 2022. This manifestation of political and social responsibility is commendable, knowing that God appreciates those who keep peace, as we read in Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

The church leaders went on to commend the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for putting in place structures to ensure efficiency in the process. They noted they have received reports from over 3000 observers spread across the country who noted there some logistical and technological issues in some areas. However all were resolved to ensure a smooth voting session.

The church leaders also called upon candidates and voters who were affected by the various electoral disruptions. To remain calm and peaceful as they proceed to vote again. NCCK also encouraged other actors to continue to undertake parallel tallying. As the continuous information to the public would ensure that mistakes made by specific institutions would not mislead the general public.

“Constitutional democracies such as Kenya are premised on competitive elections which produce winners and losers. We therefore call upon all candidates, supporters and commentators to carefully consider their words and actions in response to the results that are announced. Recognizing that every Kenyan has a role to play in the betterment of our society, we encourage both winners and losers to accept the will of the people. As provided for in law, any candidate or Kenyan who is dissatisfied with the results”

The NCCK once again thanked Kenyans who exercised their constitutional and civic duty. “Let us continue upholding peace and responsible character in line with the prayer we make through the National Anthem: O God of all creation, bless this our land and nation, justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty, plenty be found within our borders.”



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