“Make Way, New Bosses in Town” – Gen Z

Article By: Winnie Jeruto

Opportunities presents itself inform of people, and Gen Zs are one of them, brought up to take more risks without fear of ANYTHING and push for ideas that are termed as dangerous.

What future do we have if we can’t take risks as corporations and companies?

Being born in a technology-run world, they think on their feet, are quick to innovate and web-savvy.

When supported and guided they are a vital ingredient of the success of forms and companies.

Audible Sigh; a normal response every time Gen Z is mentioned or talks in an office, a campaign, or a normal conversation. Why? Because they have the ‘wildest’ ideas? Think outside the tank? Apparently, the box is not big enough. Digesting stereotypes thrown like coriander seeds by the media and on the internet can cultivate a self-depreciating effect on them consciously, or unconsciously.

A research conducted by The international journal of scientific engineering and science indicates that 28% of the sources confirmed that through technology and innovation championed by Gen Z, Kenyan firms have become more efficient and productive. Kenyan firms are now performing better because Gen Z employees have helped to greatly upgrade the skills of the older generation at the Workplace.

Contrary to the opinion that Gen Zs are lazy, individualistic and are married to their tech-gadgets, they TEND TO WORK SMART RATHER THAN HARD AS PEOPLE WOULD EXPECT. They are called spoilt and yet they are dealing with a world filled with student debt, unrealistic economic and political incompetence sandwiched between climate change, pandemics and a failing global food chain.

Companies still recruit them and for the single fact that they are revolutionary. They came into a world with technology, and they have advanced and utilised it in a way that does not conform to societal expectations of what success should be. A Youtuber earns millions, a TikTok dancer represents 3 major brands. That is brilliant if you ask me.

David (GEN Z) was sent from his office to deliver documents in town, and people rolled eyes at him when he ordered an Uber to that location. He asked, ‘Should I walk to town or suffer looking for that location so as to fit into ya’ll expectation?

People associate wanting convenience to arrogance and a want of an ‘easy’ life, doesn’t everyone work and toil to afford the lifestyle they want? Double standards!

Members of Generation Z are slowly but steadily changing even the mind-sets of their employers. A tweet was recently trending of a 22 year old who wrote an email asking for leave to take care of his mental health, as much as KOT termed it as stupid, it is actually important for everyone regardless of age to go to work with a healthy mind to be fully productive and produce the desired results of the work place.

GEN Zs are aware and are rejecting negative stereotypes directed towards them and have their vision set on creating a safer, healthier, more inclusive world. If there is a mess to be cleaned when the older generations are long gone, give gen Zs space to do it.



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