Let’s talk about being Rich!


Money makes the world go round. But I also think it can make your world stop, especially if you don’t have enough of it. We are all looking for some sort of financial stability and frankly, financial freedom.

What I wonder is, if money is so important, why don’t we talk about it more, especially in our schools for the sake of our children? And, if not in schools, than do we need to go back to traditional methods of learning about investment and money, for example, intentionally directing our children to buy assets and open savings accounts the minute their first cheque rolls in…? Or even, to buy that cow!

I see the gap between how the older generation and this generation think about money. For one, this generation has a lot of needs squeezed into ‘now’ there seems to be such a slim chance of thinking about tomorrow. In response to this generational gap, Arnold Onolo – Pastor Hekima Church, says “Those are the changes we’ve been going through especially since independence when you come from a more established community, from a common wealth background where they value money. There has been that exchange when you get into value systems as we get more education and exposure.”

Because money is such an important part of life, even though we operate by faith as Christians it is wise that we learn more about the different principles of investing and creating more income. Frank Gitonga, the founder of Blue Flame International, emphasizes “The definition of being able to shoot with both sides is a demand with us, whether we want it or not.”

In a quest to find the best way to go about it, Arnold Onolo suggests “We need to come up with our own kingdom culture. What is the kingdom perspective on the way to multiply wealth?”

Watch this eye opening conversation about Men and Investment, as we try to understand why it’s so important to start shooting with both hands other than just one. I’d recommend this even for our dear women!


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