Lecrae launches web series teaching the next generation financial literacy


Hip Hop artist Lecrae, popular for his music’s Christian message, is launching a new six-part web series to teach financial literacy.

Titled “Protect The Bag,” the Reach Records founder hopes to educate the next generation to build and protect their financial health. The series will serve as a weekly guide for viewers to learn the importance of creating a “financial legacy.”

“I am on a mission to spread the word on financial education because when I was growing up, I wasn’t educated about money or budgeting and had to learn a lot about it the hard way,” Lecrae shared in a statement.

“I want to make sure others who grew up like me have the knowledge to build their own financial legacy. People need financial literacy broken down in ways they can understand, and I’m excited to partner with Experian to present this content, produced by my production team, 3 Strand Films.”

The first episode aired on Tuesday. The scripted-sketch show features guest interviews and “will tackle the basics of financial health.” The themes of the program will range from identity protection to saving and investing.

New episodes of “Protect the Bag” will air every Tuesday exclusively on Lecrae’s YouTube channel. The Grammy Award-winning artist will host celebrities to help bring home the messages.

Celebrities to be featured on the show include Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Locket, Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., former NBA sharpshooter Kyle Korver, singer Coco Jones and artist WHATUPRG.

“The ‘Protect The Bag’ web series allows me to walk in multiple spaces simultaneously,” Lecrae continued. “I get to host a show that continues the work of restoration by educating people about financial literacy, but there is also an element of creativity and entertainment that pulls out the best in me.”

In an interview with The Christian Post earlier this year, Lecrae revealed he had arranged credit education and financial literacy programs to change the poverty mindset in the black community in Atlanta. He said he is hoping to reverse gentrification by helping to keep people in their communities through financial education.

His partnership with Experian and the NAACP has already helped several families in Atlanta who were facing foreclosure.

Lecrae said helping others is another way to show people Christ. He said believers must not think that preaching at people is magically going to help everything.

“Yes, the Gospel is what’s going to transform their lives, but if you don’t begin to implement discipleship and training into their lives, you’re just making these spiritual babies and leaving them out to dry,” he told CP.

“So if I’ve never learned what it means to balance a checkbook, and I know the Lord, well, how tempted am I going to be to go back to my old ways? Because I don’t have financial literacy, I don’t have training. I don’t have help in these particular areas. It’s a rough road.”


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