Kagame Urges Leaders to Live By Humility

During the just-concluded 27th edition of the annual Rwanda National Prayer Breakfast that was held in a hybrid format at Serena Hotel, in Kigali, and organized by Rwanda Leaders Fellowship (RLF), a not-for-profit organization. The annual prayer meeting brought together leaders in top positions for fellowship, to celebrate the country’s achievements in the past year and reflect on milestones in the year ahead.

In attendance were President Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame and other top officials from different sectors as well as some senior religious leaders in the country.

In his message, Kagame pointed out that people learn from others and observe their actions to apply them in their daily lives to change their livelihoods.

”Leadership involves setting examples of which people see what you do and not only what you say.  You are not supposed to talk when you don’t actually base your actions on the good words you speak,” while delivering his remarks he further stated, ”You cannot lead unless you lead by example. For leaders, humility is essential for many reasons. We have to be the example that people can emulate.” President Kagame.

The Chairperson of Rwanda Leaders Fellowship, Eric Munyemana, said they wish that Rwanda becomes a nation that has the Lord as their God, a country that develops and that God is pleased with.

“To instill Godly principles in leadership is one of the pillars towards achieving that, we always look forward to positive transformation through meetings, teachings that are based on the Word of God, and pieces of advice given,” he said.

Under the theme dubbed ‘sustaining leadership results in unprecedented times’, the prayer breakfast was also marked with a sermon delivered by Bishop David Odinge, which was entitled ‘The power of resilience’.

Drawing from the story of David in the Bible, he highlighted three things that a leader should do in times of crisis, namely; reassess his or her position, refocus the vision, and reclaim the losses.

The prayer breakfast was supposed to be held at the beginning of January but was postponed after an upsurge in the Covid-19 cases, occasioned by the outbreak of the Omicron variant of the pandemic.

The national prayer breakfast was first held on September 1, 1995, and has since attracted leaders from different spheres of national life.

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