‘I Could Have Lost My Life’: Football Legend Deion Sanders Cried Out to God During Serious Health Crisis, Praises Jesus For Healing

Article by: Billy Hallowell, Faithwire

Football legend Deion Sanders recently shared how his faith in God guided him through a difficult and potentially deadly health struggle resulting in the amputation of two toes. Sanders, now head coach at Jackson State University, credited the Lord with his healing in a recent interview with Chris Neely of “Thee Pregame Show.”

Trouble began for the 55-year-old Sanders in 2021, when he was diagnosed with blood clots in his legs after a surgical procedure and needed two toes on his left foot amputated. He faced weeks in the hospital and eight surgeries. Despite the dire circumstances, the football star is now thanking Jesus for his recovery, The Christian Post reported.

“It was a blessing because I could have lost my life very easily. … It was there. It was a thought process of losing my leg from the knee down,” Sanders said. “It was almost there. So when I look up and say ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ it’s because I know the quiet cries at night that were in that hospital.”

Sanders said he is “thankful” to have gone through the ordeal, adding it showed him more about God and his faith. “I got to really see God’s face and the different personalities of God, I feel,” he said. Throughout his hospital ordeal, the football great turned to prayer, explaining he spoke in tongues and praised Jesus during his stay.

“I’m pretty sure that some of those nurses thought I was crazy,” Sanders said, adding “he called on the Lord all night.” Sanders has openly discussed past struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts  and how finding Jesus helped save his life. Before that, he said he tried to “take himself out.”

“I gave my life to the Lord in a condo all alone in Cincinnati, Ohio, while I was playing baseball,” Sanders said a few years ago during an appearance on “I Am Athlete.” “I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I was at the bottom of, to me, what life was.” Praise God for Sanders’ faith journey, and for his willingness to discuss it so publicly.


SourceCBN News


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