Heroism at the face of Tragedy

Tragic events can cause havoc at any time anywhere. A school field trip filled with excitement was soon cut short as bullets were sprayed at a school bus. Aimed to take the lives of those in transit. Bandits attacked the students earlier this year in February, in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Sylvia Cheptowot one of the student’s was already on the ground with bullet wounds on both her legs. While she was bleeding out and frightened; Sylvia recognised the language the bandits spoke. “I opened my mouth and spoke in the Pokot mother tongue. I screamed and they heard me. We are students and we are also Pokot. Please don’t kill us.”

The bandits retreated from the mission upon hearing the 16 year old cry. This act of heroism at the face of danger saved the lives of 140 people. While narrating her story on a local telly, Sylvia shared she had lost 7 months of this year to recuperate of which she still relies on crutches to move around. The journey to restore her mobility is still difficult as she is yet to undergo another surgery to fix the metal plate in her leg.

Sylvia was among the 230 Kenyans who were recognised yesterday on Mashujaa Day as National heroes. She is on the country’s youngest heroes who needs a lot of help to cater for her medical bills and upkeep.


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