Growing Demand with Same Pay

Earlier this year data released by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), “showed that the number of Kenyans living in poverty rose from 38.9 percent to 53 percent of the population between 2014 and 2018.” The number clearer shows the state of our economy.

The rate of inflation in the country, “accelerated to a three-month high of 5.56% in March of 2022, from 5.08% in the previous month. Main upward pressure came from the prices of food & non-alcoholic beverages (9.92% vs 8.69%), namely cooking oil (35.15%) and wheat flour (17.68%), amid the effects of the war in Ukraine. Inflation also accelerated for furnishings (6.44% vs 5.41%) and housing & utilities (4.91% vs 4.79%), on account of the prices of gas (38.18%). Every month, consumer prices inched up 0.85%, following a 0.4% rise in the prior month,” Trading Economics.

The needs of the common Kenyan has even overweighed the basic wants that may now be seen as “luxury”. As opposed to them being what they are, wants! Here are some of their views;


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