God wants us to focus. But focus on what?

Article By: Prof. Erick Aseka

We need to focus on living a God-honouring life through our obedience to His voice. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer.

We should focus on God, not our problems.

Your focus is what determines your reality. The focus which you maintain throughout the day will determine your actions. As such, whatever is in your focus, is what you will start to concentrate on until you become conditioned to alter certain aspects of your life in order to allow the object of your focus to actually become a true part of your life. That is why we need to fine-tune our focus. We need to learn how to fine-tune our focus on God. Focusing on God means being intentional about setting our thoughts and desires on our heavenly Father.

We should focus on God’s promises and not explanations.

We should take note of 2 Corinthians 1:20 which says: “For as many as the promises of God are, in Him they are yes; therefore through Him also is our Amen to the glory of God through us”. In other words, all of God’s Old Testament promises are fulfilled in Jesus. Christ is the “yes” to every one of them. In this Scripture, the apostle Paul stresses that God’s promises are altogether true and His Word stands fast forever. He wants us as believers to believe God’s Word in our hearts and experience in our lives the Lord’s never-failing riches of His grace.

The boundless love of God is such that His promises never fail in Christ, and we can rejoice with exceeding great joy, and say Amen, to the glory of God. No matter how many promises God has made, we have an assurance that not one will ever fail.

Prof. Erick Aseka, is the Senior Pastor at Divine Grace Ecclesia, Nairobi.


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