Evangelical Alliance calls on politicians to preach peace during campaigns

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has asked politicians to seek votes peacefully and allow Kenyans to exercise their democratic rights. Speaking in Amboseli after completing their three-day conference, the leadership of the Evangelical Churches noted that the economy of Kenya is fragile and any political disruption will worsen the situation.

While addressing the press, the EAK Chairman, Rev. Dr. David Oginde, said that no politician’s ambition is worth disrupting the peace of the nation and urged Kenyans to shun any call to political violence. He further called on the security apparatus to be vigilant and ensure Kenyans enjoy a peaceful pre-and post-election.

On the welfare of Kenyans, the Church leaders called on the government to leverage the living of Kenyans who the majority cannot afford 3 meals a day, and a further 3 million at risk of starvation.


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