Church leaders launch peace prayer caravan in a bid for peace ahead of August 2022 election

The Church has urged Kenyans to maintain peace as the country heads to the General Election slated for August 9, this year.

Apostle John Kimani, who is leading the Peace Prayer Caravan which has been traversing the country in a bid to promote peace, thanked the government for its support, noting that it has made their work as a movement around the country to spread peace more effective.

“When it comes to elections we leave the stage to the politicians. This nation belongs to all of us so none of us is in this nation by accident, we are all in this country by divine plan. We need to own up to our nation and be patriotic enough.” Apostle Kimani said.

Apostle noted that General Elections have always been seen to trigger political tension in the past and the Church can not be a silent voice at a time such as this.

“It is high time the church should be active in the mountain of Governance.

When it comes to a season like this one, we need each one of us. Our voice should be counted even though it can not be counted in a political rally it can be counted on our knees.”

Apostle John Kimani William  Kimani, who runs the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship, also urged religious leaders to be neutral in political affairs, saying that it will go a long way in uniting the country, during the electoral period.

The Church leaders who were speaking in Samburu County urged Christians to be active in pray and ask God to give us leaders who have the interest of people at heart.

They started their series of events on May 9, 2022 and are expected to hold the last meeting on May 28 this year.


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