Christians: What’s Your Identity?

We live in a world where identity has become so precious and intimate for most people, in everything they do or communicate. In the celebration of lover’s day, individuals who abide by the day all donned their best red outfits. Students, Police officers, soldiers, doctors, nurses can all be identified from their uniforms. Other religions like Hinduism and Islam etc., have a certain dress code or trait that we can use to identify them with. But what’s our identity as Christians?

In a country where it’s stated that 80% of individuals identify as Christians it’s shocking to see the high rate of “crimes and injustices” these “Christians” partake in. “People will tell you are Christian by the fact that you have integrity in Kenya. We have become such a country of lack of integrity that we lose money openly. The police stop you, instead of giving them the petty cash you refuse and continue being tied there and taken through what not. Unless you are Christian you will give. When you are a Christian the police wonder why you can’t give them that little yet you can afford and in a suit. The way we live will be tested so people can tell and attest we are Christian,” John Ng’ang’a- Author.

The steps of becoming a true Christian are simple and clear; accept Christ as your Lord and saviour, getting to know His word, getting baptized and fellowship as you walk the journey of Faith.” We identify in Christ by the example of how we model ourselves through his teachings. For example, there is a vast cluster of things that is expected of us, how we treat others, how we show love to our fellow human beings, and how we refer to the Bible teachings in our everyday life. It is impossible to be a true Christian without the foundations of Christ,” Nkatha-Entrepreneur. The question still remains even after knowing and accepting the Word of God, why don’t the majority of Christians form their identity from this root. Or are they the “Sunday Christian”?

A different perspective is given when we compare modern times to what we used to practice in the past. A closer past that of at least 20 something years ago. “Initially we actually had Christianity as religion and it defined how we identify as Christians. Through the cross we wore on our necks, greetings and as result of the fellowship that we had. Growing up we used to hear “I great you in the name of our lord.” Moving to closer to modernity it’s a generational thing that people don’t want to identify as Christians. Keeping in mind they want to be more corporate or acceptable,” Brian Aseli Christian Media Personality.

In times where we seem to be shaken, tempted and tested by our circumstances we find solace in the word of God. ”Christians can only stand out from the rest by obeying God’s word. God’s word is the standard for how a Christian should live. The word of God says do not conform to be patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. And only the word of God can renew our minds,” Cynthia Okoth- Communication Practitioner.

Dear Christian what’s your identity? Can you boldly stand up with no doubt and defend the gospel or are you shy and shaken? Who are you, the impostor or a true Christian?


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