Challenges of the Modern: Foundations

I Corinthians 3:11 NKJV
For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
The foundation is the most important part of a building. The foundation determines the boundaries of the building, its height and the weight. This is because the whole building rests on the foundation, and any miscalculation means that you will have trouble with the building.
One of the greatest challenges of this generation is building on the wrong foundation. False doctrines are on the rise and because many are not grounded in Christ, they are swayed by every wind of doctrine that hits town.
Instead of building on the rock like the wise man, many are taking shortcuts to build on the sand.
Today, looking the part is more significant than being the part, many are not willing to go through the process, nor pay the price because they think it’s too high.
As the bible says, many today have become lovers of self, and money has become the motivation and foundation for many. Marriages are being built on selfishness, money and material possessions and the repercussions are sad as we see numerous marriages collapsing.
Contentment and godliness are no longer considered a virtue to pursue. Instead , we have a generation that is shoving and stepping on each other in the quest to acquire the latest gadget because we have such a strong sense of entitlement.
Fame and popularity are the other false foundations that people are building their lives on. People are getting depressed because they don’t think they are popular enough, or they have believed the lie that their life is miserable because of the lie of social media.
Entertainment has also taken centre stage, and it has become a foundation and distraction that has captivated many.
There is only one sure and guaranteed foundation to build our lives on, and that is God. We are to love Him with all our heart, mind and soul, meaning that He is to come first in everything we do and all we are becoming should be built on Him.
What foundation are you building on?
What is the one thing that greatly challenges your faith?
With the influx of false doctrines, what must you do to ensure that you don’t get swept away?


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