“Be at the forefront of setting the leadership agenda for the nation,” Bishop Oginde challenges Christians

As Kenya approaches its general election, Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) developed a study guide and begun a sermon series on Church and Politics in the month of May with a desire of bringing Kingdom impact into the political and governance arena.

While closing the month long series, Bishop Emeritus of Christ Is the Answer Ministries Rev.Dr.David Oginde challenged Christians to be at the forefront of setting the leadership agenda for the nation and not to succumb  to the false narrative that they cannot engage in politics.

“When Christians keep off from politics and governance then it will deny the country an opportunity to have people who can initiate the change we so desire,” He said.

Speaking on Sunday during an online church service, the Bishop added that the church using politics as as sphere of influence, is the instrument that holds the solution to addressing some of the current challenges that people face.

“I have heard some people including Christians say, “these days I don’t watch news, I don’t even read newspapers because it is just the same thing all the time”…and I think to myself, what a watchman?, a watchman who say, “me, this days I don’t walk around, when I hear voices/noises around, I don’t even bother to check. How will you know when tares are being planted?, how will you know when thieves are plundering the nation?, how will you know when evil is being schemed against the church?” asked Bishop Oginde

The study guide looked into biblical perspective of politics and leadership answering some of the fundamental questions such as; Should the Church engage in politics? What should be the role of the Church in politics? Should Christians actively advance a political agenda? Can Christian clergy seek elective political office?

With the answers being provided, it signals that it is time for the church to stop playing catch up in these critical conversations, and begin to set the agenda for national conversations.


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