Cancer Scare got me into Fitness

Lucy Ndirangu to some extent has achieved some of her greatest dreams. She now has the fit physique she admired every time she would see bikini models. The professional fitness trainer and body builder’s passion was ignited by the scare of the big “C”, cancer. The genesis of her testimony began in mid-2018, when Lucy noticed some “weird” lumps and growths on her breasts. She took the necessary step and visited a hospital, her check-up fuelled her paranoia after a nurse informed her she might have cancer. The nurse recommended Lucy to visit a provincial hospital with great urgency for further tests.

After countless, scans and tests months later on her last doctor informed her she did not have cancer. It was just imbalanced hormones and lifestyle that attributed to her condition. Lucy was also using the wrong painkillers for her cramps, painkillers that were meant for post birth pain. The only option for her was to eat healthy and exercise. It all started with morning runs as the introduction to her fitness journey.

In 2019 she started body building after Evelyn a friend of hers encouraged her to try it out. As a victim of body shaming, Lucy’s end goal was to have a body like a Miss Bikini Kenya Mikhala Barasa. “The journey so far has been exciting everything about it is beautiful. The challenges the antagonism that we face the growth that comes with the journey. For instance to work in place where 99.9% are men and only 0.1% are women. It’s a good start to show women have a future,” Lucy Ndirangu- Fitness Guru.

One thing she has not yet evaded is stereotypes from the society,” When some tells me you don’t look like a woman. I say I don’t care to look like a woman, I care to look the way I am. I can now not only speak for me but also speak for other women who are getting scared by those comments and sentiments that come from people. Another growth element is I have not gone to hospital since 2019, I also have the body I desired and I get to work in place where I’m excited to work. Because I love what I am doing,” she further stated.

For someone who has not yet embarked on the fitness Journey, Lucy shares some tips;

  • “Start where you are,
  • Get someone who will take you through the experience. Someone who will walk with you, it would be easier than for you than to Google the knowledge yourself.
  • Be patient: it is simple but it’s not easy. Buckle up!
  • Even if it’s walking start with that as you inquire.”

Your health is your wealth is a common phrase we have heard time and time again. It’s now time to buckle up and embark on the journey the time is never too late and the time is now. “Write your story, don’t use someone else’s story, write your book on the fitness journey, and let your struggles be unique to you. Because that’s what most people don’t want to wear,” Lucy Ndirangu- Fitness Guru.



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