Bottom Up vs. Trickle  Down Economy

Economic approaches have been on the spotlight during the just concluded Kenyan elections. With President Ruto, going further to spearhead and share why the “bottom-up” economy is a better of approach for crippling economies.

The ‘trickle-down’ approach entails advancing policies that favour big firms and established business entities. “Some of the strategies adopted in the ‘trickle-down’ approach include tax cuts and subsidies which aim at reducing the cost of production for such entities and encourage expansion with the value trickling down to the masses in the form of employment opportunities,” Africa Centre For People Institutions and Society.

While the bottom up approach entails formulation of policies that will empower ordinary citizens “hustlers” by providing those resources that improve their livelihoods. “The ‘bottom-up’ approach emphasizes empowerment of low and middle-income sections of the population, unskilled labour force and the youth.”

Fred Njiri the Host of This is The Day and Crosstalk discusses this on the podcast below;


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