Anxiety as the Tallying goes for its 4th Day

“A in leading in station X, no but B is leading in station Y. Kwani who will be the 5th president! Hivi vitu zinabore!”

Who knew there would be a time where a political country like Kenya would be tired of active politics! 4 days into the presidential tallying and there is more anxiety amongst the general public following confusion caused by the streaming of results and numbers from different media outlets and news websites.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, 11th August, the IEBC chairperson Wafula Chebukati addressed the difference in tallies projected by the various media houses, “We take note that tallies across the media may vary and appreciate this may be attributed to the following; each is accessing the public portal of the results forms at different times and each is using its own criteria and sequencing amongst others.

He reassured the public however, that the numbers will eventually be similar as all data is coming from the same source; the IEBC portal. Other key social influential persons including Dr. Ezekiel Mutua through their social media handles have encouraged the general public to remain calm. “Do not get too invested emotionally in this election. It’s only an election. Anything can happen. It’s not the end of the world. Life must and will go on,” Dr.Mutua said.

Dr. Tim Kirui, the Vice Chancellor of International Leadership University (ILU), has commended the political aspirants who have conceded defeat and gone further to congratulate their rivals. Dr.Tim says that the move is a true demonstration of the transformative era Kenya’s politics has undergone.

He has called on the religious leaders to continue praying for the country as we await the announcement of the presidential results.

“I call on our religious leaders, civil society, community leaders, to implore the Presidential candidates to keep their word to accept the outcome of the elections and not begin side shows or inflammatory statements that may cause chaos or instability,” he said.

It is our hope that the new leadership at all levels of government will fear God, live up to their manifestos, serve all Kenyans equitably, and help restore our hope, prosperity and inspiration as a nation.


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