A fighting Spirit

Praying for Ukraine

Images and videos of the troubling and traumatic events have been going around the social media platforms as the deadly Russian assault rages…a section of the international media has gone further to show their viewers what is happening in real-time, capturing the events as they unfold on the ground.

The happenings in Ukraine have reminded me of the 2007/2008 post-election violence in Kenya, that resulted in suffering, deaths, and thousands of displaced families across the country. The happenings then, showed how elusive peace can be.

Back in Ukraine,

What has captured my attention over the past few weeks is the Ukrainian people’s spirit, grit, and determination. Videos have captured moments of Ukrainians seeking God amid the chaos. One such video is of a woman who was seen praying and lifting her hands to heaven outside a monastery in Kyiv as Russian troops were entering the city.

Articles and interviews have been done of stories of ordinary citizens rallying to battle, a sign of a ”motivated nation” to hold back the enemy.

#PrayingForUkrain, has continued to trend as Christians around the world heed call to pray for Ukraine. Of interest, is the 300 plus Russian pastors and evangelical leaders who signed a letter opposing Putin’s war against Ukraine, saying, ”we call on the authorities of our country to stop this senseless bloodshed.”

One Moscow-based pastor who signed the document said “We need to support our Ukrainian Christians in this time of turmoil because if one member of the body is suffering-the whole body suffers.”

This rallying call to pray for Ukraine comes as there are reports that Putin may declare martial law, which could result in even more severe crackdowns on human rights and religious freedoms.

Despite the turmoil and anguish of Russia’s war, the unity of the Church in Ukraine, is so inspiring, and at the same time a challenge to the body of Christ to always remain steadfast, compassionate and stand in solidarity when evil happens in our nations.

People praying for Ukraine at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem |Photo: Alex Kokcharov




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