1 Year Old Fully Tattooed

“He will get shot down in the streets” “Raising him for Prison”

How would you react as a parent when such words are thrown at you? The dynamics have significantly changed with each generation adopting “better” parenting techniques for the betterment of their kids. Some introduce “body art” commonly referred to as tattoos to their children under the age of 18 years old.

Shameka Morris is an example of such a parent. She was heavily criticized for posting pictures of her one-year-old baby with full sleeves of tattoos (most of the body tattooed). Comments came in droves;

“He will get shot down in the streets” “Raising him for Prison” “Raising a thug” “Bad mom”

During an interview with Truly, Morris the mother disclosed, “I get a lot of backlashes, people say I’m raising my son as a “gangster,” a “thug,” they’re not used to seeing a baby with tattoos.”

There is a deeper meaning to the tattoos according to Morris, “She never had an opportunity to celebrate her son’s birth due to him spending time in the neonatal unit after being born prematurely.” Morris shared the tattoos are temporary and they are celebrating the milestones she has shared with her son.

The question remains what sets the grounds for “good parenting” and how far is too far when it comes to “body art?”


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