15 Year Old arrested after a wild and dangerous chase in the city

Guilt is one of those emotions that feeds on itself, with every bite it becomes heavier. Well, a 15 year old robbery suspect revealed himself in broad daylight to police officers

“Earlier, the officers who were on patrol along the Southern bypass had noticed a confrontation between a group of people after which the teenager took flight upon seeing them. When the officers inquired what was happening, they learnt that the boy had been positively identified as the suspect behind an armed robbery, along the bypass close to South-C,” the DCI stated.

This commenced a 6 kilometre chase for the juvenile delinquent along the Southern Bypass. In the heat of the purist the suspect threw caution to the wind; as he entered Nairobi National Park to evade arrest. Luckily, rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service who had watched the chase from the top of their surveillance vehicles came to their aid of Akila Police station officers.

Moments later, the teenager who had taken cover at a thicket approximately 200 metres from the perimeter spotted the fast approaching Rangers. Oblivious of the dangers that he was exposing himself to, he leapt from his hideout and ran deep into the park where lions, leopards, hyenas and other dangerous carnivores are grappling with pangs of hunger following the severe drought being experienced in the country,” DCI went on to state.

Luckily, the boy was finally arrested and handed over to the duty officer Akila police station for action. The suspect whom it was established was from Kibera’s Lindi area, led the officers to a spot close to Wilson Airport, where they recovered a knife he uses to stab victims before taking off with their valuables.


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