This Is the Church’: Ministry Blesses Homeless Woman by Paying Rent for One Year

Article by: Talia Wise

A Mississippi waitress, who had been homeless for over three years, was left speechless after a group of women paid her rent for one year.

Daughters of Destiny Ministries was preparing for their first “100 Women At The Table” faith event in Flowood, Mississippi, when their server, Angie, shared that she finally found an apartment.

Dr. Kathy Amos, the founder of the ministry, told CBN News that although she has known Angie for years, she was unaware that she struggled with homelessness.

“We’ve been going to that restaurant over a year doing our events…but Angie has never given us the impression that she was going through,” she said. “She’s just never brought it into work.”

Dr. Amos said she was moved with compassion to bless Angie with some furnishing for her apartment.

“I have no idea what a person goes through,” she explained. “I’ve been homeless for a couple of weeks, maybe a month or so, but I’ve never been homeless for three years.”

Dr. Amos went to Walmart and filled a laundry basket with household items such as towels, doormats, and decorations.

She said God told her to share Angie’s story with the group of women attending the event that night.

“Before we left the conference center, all the women in the room sowed hundreds of dollars for her new apartment,” she said.

Dr. Kellie Agueze, pastor and founder of Warrior Nation, attended the event and paid 6-month’s worth of rent.

Angie was moved to tears by the group’s generosity.

“I’ve asked for help from the church, but they didn’t help me,” Angie told the group. “But you all have shown me that this is the church!”

“She was just shocked from the outpouring of love from the sisterhood of the Daughters of Destiny,” Amos said. “[They] came together and just blessed her.”

But Angie’s blessings did not stop there.

Dr. Amos shared a post about the outpouring to Angie on her Facebook page. It has reached more than 3,000 people and Amos’ friend, Makeba Chanay, was moved to pay another 6-months of Angie’s rent.

SourceCBN News


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