The Quest of Identity: Transgender

“I was born male but I am a female” It is not uncommon to hear of individuals who question their gender. In this regard the terms “transvestite”, “transsexual” or “trans” were coined with the history of the development tricking down to the early 1900s.  In simpler terms, transgender can be referred to as individuals who move away from their initial gender of birth. The first-ever sex change surgery took place in the Netherlands in 1959-1960.

“God, What Have I Done?” this was the cry of Ritchie Herron after undergoing the surgery. He now seeks to sue the hospital where he underwent the “irreversible” surgery. He had battled with depression for a huge part of his life dealing with feelings of gender dysphoria and at that point altering his body was the only way out. He spoke with CBN News stating that this was the biggest mistake of his life.

Herron’s case is not unique, Laura was also swept into the falsehood of identity. The USA citizen transitioned to being male but this made him a prisoner. She felt caged in the body of a man, it did not bring the peace or fulfilment she was looking for. “Transgender to Transformed” is a new wave that is fighting the “born this way” narrative.  The Quest for Identity series will end next week Thursday at 11 Am with the piece podcast of Quest for Identity: True Identity.



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