Stretch your Faith

‭‭John‬ ‭6:13
“So they gathered them up, and filled twelve baskets with fragments from the five barley loaves which were left over by those who had eaten.”
It seems like the world is going south real quick. You have a worldwide pandemic, staggering inflation, and countries on the brink of a Third World War. These times will take a measure of faith that hasn’t been seen in centuries. God is presenting the church with a unique opportunity to share the Gospel. Are you ready to stretch your faith? God is calling disciples to step up and be the church.
A Special Miracle
There is something special about the feeding of the five thousand. There are really no other miracles like this and the feeding of the four thousand. To provide for so many people on such a grand scale boggles the mind. Jesus prayed began breaking the bread, and pretty soon, the disciples were gathering baskets of leftovers. Most miracles were for individuals, but these were for the masses. It shows that God is sovereign and capable of doing what needs to be done when needed.
Do You Trust God?
Do you trust God to work in your life on a grand scale, or do you limit Him to the small stuff? Sure, when you are going through a crisis, it is natural to reach out to Jesus to help, but what about in your daily walk? Do you ask the Lord to soften the hardened heart of that loved one or coworker who is antagonistic towards your faith? What about opening doors for your church to reach a difficult part of the city? Sometimes the only limitation holding God back is our faith.
Stretch Your Faith
Are you ready to stretch your faith? Are you tired of the old stale complacent Christianity? Start seeking the Lord to increase your vision for what He can do and prepare your heart for it to happen. God loves to take insignificant and foolish things to the world and use them for His glory. These times need people like this. Ready to step up?


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