Russia hasn’t really started anything serious yet in Ukraine – Vladimir Putin.

A Defiant Putin Says Russia Will Flourish

President Vladimir Putin has issued a defiant warning to the west claiming that Moscow has barely started its military campaign in Ukraine.
“Everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t started anything yet in earnest.”
In a speech to parliamentary leaders more than four months into the war, Putin said the prospects for any negotiation would grow dimmer the longer the conflict dragged on. He lashed out at the U.S. calling it a fading power that treats its allies as colonies.

“We are told that we started a war in the Donbass, in Ukraine. Not! It was unleashed by this same collective West, which organized and supported an anti-constitutional armed coup in Ukraine in 2014,” a defiant Putin said.

Russia accuses the West of waging a proxy war against it by hammering its economy with sanctions and stepping up the supply of advanced weapons to Ukraine. Putin maintains that sanctions on Russia, not the Ukraine war, are hurting Western economies.

“…they want to defeat us on the battlefield.Well,…let them try…the West has failed and will not succeed in sowing discord and confusion in Russia. The attempts of the West to impose its world order and to rewrite history are doomed to failure.”
Russia President Vladimir Putin


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