NCCK Issues New Guidelines on Ministry to Politicians and Aspirants

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has issued guidelines on ministry to politicians and aspirants that will ensure impartiality in the delivery of spiritual nurture to all and upholding sanctity at the places of worship as the country gears towards the forthcoming general elections of 2022.

The Umbrella body says the political leaders and aspirants from the different political formations are welcome to participate in worship services however church leaders will avoid anointing or commissioning any individuals for any positions as witnessed in the past. The politicians will equally be barred from speaking to congregants from the pulpit.

The guidelines issued by the General Assembly further state, the churches can receive donations and contributions from all worshippers, including politicians and aspirants, however, the churches will avoid announcing what a particular individual has given and that such donations and contributions should not be used as campaign forums.

The NCCK calls upon all leaders, politicians, aspirants and religious leaders to remember that  the Kenya they paint and shape with their words is the Kenya they and their parents, spouses, and children live in. They challenge everyone to tell stories of hope and not despair in order to promote peace and unity.


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